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Alt 19.01.2005, 17:16
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pMachine Pro kostenlos! blog

Das System pMachine Pro, welches eigentlich kostenpflichtig war, wird aufgrund der eingestellten Weiterentwicklung nun kostenlos zum Download angeboten.

Die weitere Entwicklungsarbeit wird gänzlich in die Expression Engine investiert.

Somit wird die Version 2.4 von pMachine Pro definitiv die letzte sein, für die es bereits auch schon ein deutsches Sprachpaket gibt.

An Open Letter to Our Users From Rick Ellis, CEO pMachine, Inc.
January 15th, 2005

It is with some sadness that I announce the official retirement of pMachine Pro. Today's release of pMachine Pro version 2.4 marks the end of official development for this program. This was a very difficult decision for us, and one that took many months to make, but it was ultimately made by our users, who have almost universally embraced ExpressionEngine, our next generation publishing system, instead of pMachine Pro.

Although we will no longer actively develop pMachine Pro, we will continue to make it available for download. In fact, it will now be free of charge. We are changing the licensing, making pMachine Pro available for download at no cost. pMachine Free will be discontinued entirely, while pMachine Pro will continue to be made available.

Version 2.4 adds a significant list of new features and enhancements, which makes the application even better for those who choose to continue using it. For those who wish to migrate to ExpressionEngine we will outline a very special upgrade offer below.

When we released ExpressionEngine in early 2004, the response far exceeded our expectations. A substantial percentage of pMachine Pro users migrated immediately to ExpressionEngine, and the number of new pM Pro users dropped drastically. This trend has continued over the past year forcing us to reevaluate whether there is a place for pMachine Pro in our product line. As I write this, more than 9 out of 10 new users choose ExpressionEngine. The unfortunate consequence of this is that revenue from pM Pro is no longer enough to fund the cost of support and development. Our users have spoken, and their choice is clearly to embrace ExpressionEngine over pMachine Pro.

Despite the popularity of ExpressionEngine, every month brings some pMachine Pro sales, and there are legacy users who have continued using the program. We feel responsibility to these users, so we are committed to providing the same quality technical support for which we are known. Rest assured we will not abandon any of our pM Pro users. We will continue to answer support questions in our forums for the foreseeable future. We will also continue to fix bugs if any should surface.

pMachine Pro will always hold a special place for me personally. pM Pro started life as a part-time hobby that quickly and almost accidentally became the foundation of a growing business that today, along with our ancillary companies (pMachine Hosting and pMachine Services), employs ten people - all of whom were dedicated pMachine Pro users before becoming part of our team.

Growth always brings change, so today we close a chapter in our history as we move onto the next. All of us at pMachine are indebted to everyone who has embraced pMachine Pro over the past three years. I offer you my deepest gratitude and sincerely hope you will continue to be part of our growing community.

Rick Ellis

Our Special Offer
If you are currently using pM Pro and you would like to migrate to ExpressionEngine we want to give you an opportunity to do so with a substantial discount.

  • If you have purchased pM Pro within the past 90 days you can buy EE for $49.95
  • If you purchased pM Pro over 90 days ago you can buy EE for $79.95
This offer expires on March 15th 2005, and is available for either the non-commercial or commercial version. However, if you own a non-commercial pM Pro license you must upgrade to an EE non-commercial license, and if you own a pM Pro commercial license, you must upgrade to an EE commercial license. To take advantage of our offer, please make sure you are logged-in, then visit our Online Store

Jan Stöver
Alt 19.01.2005, 20:50
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Diese Expression Engine klingt aber auch recht interessant - hat jemand schon damit Erfahrung gemacht oder kennt ihr Projekte, die dieses System einsetzen?

Alt 19.01.2005, 21:58
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Der Weblog vom Printmagazin PAGE ist über das System gelöst ...

Ansonsten ist die Information oft genau vor den Augen ohne das man gleich darauf kommt Musst nur schauen, weil dort auch pMachine Blogs mit in der Liste stehen.

Jan Stöver


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