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locsk2007 03.09.2008 14:03

EN > DE localization
Hello all,
I'm looking for a long-time teamwork person for translating my software messages (from English) to German.
Usually once a some weeks or months, when I collect more messages from all my projects, I send all words together to translation.

Because all my projects I have written are free, I can't pay for translation, but I offer translation of Your products (from English) to Czech language in return. If I will sometime in future create any commercial product, I offer free license to it for all translators and other co-workers :-)

My projects are mostly various utilities, convertors, HW controlling software, CD autostart software, small games and 8bit computers emulators.

If You want to help me with localization, contact me at my e-mail, please.
Thank You :-)

Luki 03.09.2008 16:05


usally i could recommend Übersetzung in Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch uvm. - which support XML Language File Translation, too

may be you find some sponsors for translation or you could tell es more about your tools!


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